Ability to Delete Orders and Refunds in POS

started a topic over 2 years ago

As of now if an order or refund is created in error - there is no method to void nor reverse a created entity. 

Thus, the users will have to create a refund for that order and re-create a new order to correct the issue. 

This process can be tedious and also affect the closing balance.

Would it be possible to create a void/undo feature for orders within POS? 

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  • Well… I had raised up this issue before but seems not getting much attention from the Dear team. What we are doing now is to do an exact reverse of the order (need to be super careful in returns otherwise the whole balance of the day would be messed up). If it’s messed up, the only way is ask the backend to skip this order in the log ASAP so this entire order would not be downloaded to Dear backend. But anyway the POS sales report would be incorrect. So this is an important feature I think.

4 people like this idea
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