Stock Availability - Visibility of What stock from the "Allocated" stock is on a pick or already packed

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If stock is low we regularly want to review allocated orders to see if we can use the stock we have for a new order OR if it is already on a pick, or packed.

Sometimes customers pre-order and don't require their goods till months later - so stock on hand can be utilised for new orders - but in order to know what stock of the allocated qty is available for picking - you must open the allocated orders, and check if they are on a pick or not - no transparency at all (this should be as simple as including another column in the product availability screen to show SOH, Available, On Order, Allocated, ON A PICK (not yet packed), PACKED

This would make so many departments in our business lives easier.

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  • Similarly, I would like to have a column for quotes/orders that are not yet allocated.  Thanks!

  • I like that idea too! Then you can see what may be in the pipeline.
  • I love this idea would be fantastic, we have similar situation for us, customers order in advance 

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4 people like this idea
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