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A few things that would make DEAR WMS far more usable (especially on a scanner):

Have a list of open order to choose to "Pick" from, manually entering the orders is far too time-consuming. Alternatively, have a unique barcode generated for every order, so one can easily scan a desktop computer and start picking.

Have an organized open-order que, where you could see any status/comments as color-coded indicators (ie product notes/comments, out of stock, customer contacted, additional shipping needed, etc.) on the orders, making it easy to select shipable orders. 

Have an "Assign Barcode" section to easily assign pre-applied/factory barcodes to products with a scanner

More control over integrations such as Shipstation - while shipping with Shipstation we use far more functionality than available in DEAR WMS - customs declarations modification, actual (not projected) package size and weights. We can't come to DEAR WMS if we don't have the functionality we need, which Shipstation offers.

Having override features would also be nice, especially smart ones at that. Example: you cannot "pick" an order if there is a stock error and there is no stock on hand - being able to override this and having a box pop-up asking to reconfirm available stock. This eliminates the whole ordeal of doing an inventory change, then going back and fullfilling an order. A lot of the functionality from desktop-DEAR that is relevant in a warehouse simply isn't there. 

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  • Hi Nigel,

    What are using for barcode scanning with the DEAR WMS?



  • I agree there are many features of the web version that are not available in WMS - our particular issue is the pick list in WMS includes backorders that (in our process) shouldn't be picked until all stock/lines are available. The WMS should replicate the behaviour of the fulfilment list in web version, i.e. allow a 'ready to pick' view/list.

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7 people like this idea
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