(Not joking: add “SORT BY” and/or FILTER to THIS ENTIRE SESR SUPPORT FORUM PAGE (or am I broadcasting my stupidity as it’s already in front of me ?

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(Not joking: add “SORT BY” and/or FILTER to THIS ENTIRE SESR SUPPORT FORUM PAGE (or am I broadcasting my stupidity as it’s already in front of me ?

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  • Search function would be good also.

  • And a latest comment date please.

  • Dear!! Again at the risk of sounding stupid…. If this search function does not exist , how are we possibly meant to find and follow topics issues. - search function - post sort ascending to descending - date …. - most requests or comments on here are from 3+ years ago. - this forum is very helpful in terms of finding users “work arounds” or solutions. These are real world practical tips that not only help us find the answer to a question … But as the original “author” of this suggestion , I had to go through my emails to find this thread , after searching and searching. I’m sure there are so many questions that get asked to your support agents day after day. Personally, I find these forums more beneficial than the even older Dear videos. So: at this risk of showing my ignorance as I am Asking for something they already exists (and I say that without sarcasm)… @Dear Please can you: - if the search or sorting functions already exists - Please advise where to find this. ; - if not, surely it makes 100% obvious sense to have a function to help users find information. — I wouldn’t be surprised if the under the “recent” tabs there is a topic regarding the “Y2K” problem when computers would stop working after 31 December 1999 @23:59.59
  • 6 years New - will Dear work on my Pentium 484, BlackBerry cellular device … how good is that new TV sitcom called Seinfeld
  • Hi Matthew,

    You can go to the support home page ( and enter your search in the search box there. Don't select one of the drop down options but hit enter. Once the search results come up you can select "topics" to get results from the forum.

    We should really be able to search directly from the forum itself though. And someone from Dear should be replying to these posts not other users....

  • Thanks for that tip, Alexis. It is better than nothing.

    But DEAR, please!!! Except for Alexis' workaround, there is no search function. There is no way to "follow" or "subscribe" to a topic. There is no way to see what topics you have commented on. There is effectively no way to sort the topics. These are things that you can with EVERY other forum on the internet since it was invented? Please, if you are serious about support make these forums work.

  • Glad I found this post by trawling through manually!  I thought I was just being stupid not being able to find a search feature!

  • Well said - bring it on Dear - it's tempting to just keep adding new suggestions to save trying to find somebody's post that has already made your suggestion
  • Fairly basic feature requirement for "feature requests" - we need to be able to vote / up-vote other people feature requests

  • I think having a sort function is the last of their issues compared to the glitches that we face daily in their actual core software

  • Very good request and really needed @DEAR!

  • Hello everyone,

    Thank you for your suggestions.

    The search function has been added to the Forum and Feature Requests pages. 

    Kind regards,

    DEAR support team

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21 people like this idea
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