Specify a product minimum shelf life for sale orders - by Customer and/or by Product

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I have client food businesses who have customers who require a minimum shelf life.  For example, the customer will not accept any items with less than six months on their best buy date (DEAR "expiry date").  As such, it would be very helpful if DEAR could help enforce this customer requirement with the ability to specify a minimum shelf life by customer and not allow or warn on the Pick of any items with less than that shelf life.  In particular, this is very common for food products supplied to grocery stores.

I can see this implemented at either the Customer level or the Product level.  Implementing it at the Product level would allow more flexibility, but potentially a lot more product management.   By Product level would be helpful when different products have different shelf life requirements for the same customer, such as, frozen pizza has to have a minimum shelf life of 6 months, while yogurt has a minimum shelf life of 1 month.

The ultimate would be having a switch in the General Setting to set Minimum Customer Expiry Date Buffer to "By Customer" or "By Product" and then complete the DEAR set-up accordingly.  



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  • This would be really useful for quality control where different customers have shelf life requirements, and also for identifying any upcoming waste risk.  Great suggestion!

  • I love this idea

  • One more thing for this feature.  It would be good if the minimum shelf life could be specified either as a time or percentage of time left before expires.  For example, some grocery chains require that at least 50% of the shelf life is left for the product, meaning that if it was produced on 1-Jan-2022 and has a two-month shelf life, then the grocery chain will not accept this 1-Jan-2021 batch of product after 1-Feb-2022.  This would be particularly important if this feature was implemented at the customer level so that you could specify that this customer requires: 6 months or 50% of shelf life, whichever is shorter.

    As I think about this further, it would be best if this feature was implemented at both the customer and product levels, maybe with product level has a customer-specific setting that overrides the setting at the customer-level.

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3 people like this idea
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