Allow Batch Code allocation in POS

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Currently the only way to allocate batch number on POS in for the system to automatically select the oldest batch. This is not the best for most use cases. What if inventory is not complete accurate, the item that is sold may not be the one that is allocated, this requires sales team to go into dear back end and allocate the right batch code. Also in the case that a POS site is allocated certain expiry dates, as it stands now, we cant select any other batch codes. 

You already have this functionality with the serial costing method, so why not with the batch method as well. Until this happens POS is extremely time consuming, due to this need for double entry, for any one in primary production. 

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  • Has this been looked at or evaluated? Cin7 have this functionality. Since you are a company of theirs copy them.

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2 people like this idea
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