Rounding Off Errors in DEAR and Xero

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We have a client where the tax amount in DEAR and Xero is off by centavos. We have previously contacted DEAR Support who advised us to use Row Total in the settings for the calculation, this did not work since the client came back and informed us that they're still having the rounding off error. We switched it back to Document Total thinking this would work now but the same problem appeared. We were then told by DEAR Support to set up a Rounding Difference service account to record the rounding difference, it's very inconvenient for the client since they're looking forward on having a seamless recording in between DEAR and Xero. Would it be possible if we can come up with a permanent solution in cases like this.

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  • did they help you resolve this?

  • Hi Jimmy,

    No, this is still an ongoing issue but we can't do anything about it since either the Row or Document Total is not working.

  • We have issues with this too.  Very frustrating.  I mainly comes from Customers who use systems that ONLY use EX GST.  I end up having a BIG list of Customers OVERDUE or IN CREDIT because of 1 cent or 2 cent.

    Very messy

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