New Feature Request - Fulfilment Priority Settings

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Hi, I would like to request the addition of fulfilment priority settings.

We would like to have the option to set priorities as to where fulfilments automatically get routed to.

For example, all orders are ecommerce orders from our Shopify ecommerce store. They are automatically allocated from our default location which is location 1.

If a sale is downloaded and location 1 is out of stock, we would like to be able to set the system to automatically allocate stock from location 2.

Then, if location 1 and 2 are out of stock, we would like to allocate stock from location 3.

Ideally it would be good to prevent allocation from certain locations as well.

As the system is used in our business as a stock tracker for our retail staff, it is important they can clearly see when stock has been allocated. When stock continues to be allocated from a default location despite there being stock available in another location, this means we end up with:

Location 1: -3 available

Location 2: 16 available

Instead of

Location 1: 0 available, 0 on hand, 0 on allocated

Location 2: 13 available, 16 on hand, 3 allocated

I suggest the following simple settings should be included in a fulfilment priority update:

Allocate and fulfil from locations in the following priority: 

  • #1 Location 1
  • #2 Location 2
  • #3 Location 3 etc.

If all locations are out of stock:

  • Allocate stock from the location is receiving the next available shipment
  • If no shipment is available allocate stock from the default location
  • Allocate stock from a chosen location
Prevent allocation from:
  • Location 4 - if only available stock is in Location 4, then revert to default location.

Implementing this update would prevent confusion for staff of all levels and help with smooth operation for all fulfilments. The allocation in this instance is based on stock location, not on the physical location of the warehouse, so order routing has not been useful in solving this problem.


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