Make volume & weight data available on Sales / Purchase / Transfer

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Total Order volume and/or Total Weight information can be very important for many businesses at the time of keying in a Sales/Purchase/Transfer order. 

I'm proposing that the following information is made available in the Transaction screen and in mergefields in related documents

 - Line sub-totals: Volume (LxWxH x qty), and Weight (unit weight x qty)

 - Total volume, and Total Weight (Total of all line item sub-totals) for the overall Sales/Purchase/Transfer

The data points are already in Dear in the Product Details > Dimensions so it's just a case of bringing these data points through to the transaction screen and related document templates.

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  • Firstly, DEAR mods, can you delete the spam backlink comment above? Secondly, agree with this. Getting the following merge fields from the Product Record onto the Sale and Purchase templates as a minimum is important:

    • Width
    • Length
    • Height
    Weight is currently available, so it shouldn't be too hard to implement hopefully.

  • Thanks Daniel. This is exactly what we are needing, it's crazy. Also to not be able to export/import the csv is very frustrating and ridiculous to have to check each product manually.

  • It just needs to be added to this list of options surely?

  • Christie, most of the detailed product data is within the 'Inventory list' option you see there, and there is where I would expect the volume data to go. The point too is that the product dimensions (L W H) are already in there, so we really near the Sales/STock Transfer module to pull that data and calculate the cube

  • Hey Daniel, Daniel meet Christie - two of our clients haha! Whilst the standard dimensions are available in the import, the newer carton dimensions are not. Things like the inner and outer volume. That’s request number one. Associated request number two is then to expose this information so it can be used on templates associated with products such as sales purchases and stock transfers
  • Yes exactly so hopefully this can be implemented as it's halfway there having the fields but little point if we can't work with them. We need to build export containers and trucks so it's very necessary.

    Nice to meet you Daniel Millott :-)

  • Hi Dan, great! Thanks for the intro :)  . Hi Christie, I think i've seen Oneworld at the trade fairs :)

    Ive followed up Dear Support again on this yesterday and they came back advising no update from their dev team - same message i got 12 months ago :(

    Hopefully these requests gain more popularity for Dear dev to consider fast-tracking it. And Dan, you have a direct line to the top so if you can give the powers that be another nudge Im sure that will help too :)

    As a workaround in the meantime,  i'm planning to set up an Additional Attribute field dedicated to cubic volume. I'll need to export all product data and set up a formula in Excel to calc the cube from the standard dimension data (not the import dimensions which dont exist in the import file), then reimport back in.

    I can bring the AA mergefield into the Sales & Transfer doc templates, along with formulas to get it to sum up with qtys to give line & transaction totals.

    Will be a great day when its implemented so we can use in the system as such, not rely on the doc templates.. 

  • This is a very obvious requirement for an Inventory System. i.e. knowing your inventory specs (cbm and weight) and making this information available during the sale process. I think it's crazy that this isn't available on Dear. As Dan and Christie have stated above, the information is already entered into Dear per SKU - so why not make the information available when you need it most ... i.e. when you want to ship it! 


  • Having visibility of weight per item/ line/ order is critical to our business. The fiels]d is already built in to the Product file, please add it to all sales screens as well

  • I have created this information for our Picklist templates which is great if you're using printed picklists not WMS.

    It uses Additional Attributes and a series of formulas within the Word doc template to sum up the total m3 & KG per line, and then a group total*

    We use this in our Pick List, Packing List, and Delivery Docket documents and seems to work quite well.

    If you're interested in getting a copy of this for a small fee (it took several weeks to complete), please get in touch with me direct: daniel.m(at)

    *Note that my example shows items grouped in Kit SKUs as we use Kit SKUs in our business... More info on this:

    • If you DO use Kit SKU's you'll only be able to pull in 'Group totals', i.e. totals per Kit SKUs. Items not part of Kit SKU's will be grouped together. So then you need to manually sum up the totals for each group to get the Document/Order total.
    • If you DON'T use Kit SKU's you'll be able to pull in the Document total KG & m3.


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