Request for a change to the GET v2/product endpoint to enhance EDI integration reliability.

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We're working on an EDI integration project for a DEAR customer, using the DEAR API to post sales orders into the system based on order information extracted from EDI files.

When using the POST v2/sale/order endpoint, the line-level price field is mandatory.

Our customer has setup custom prices for its EDI customers, so when using v2/sale/order, we need to specify the custom price for that customer rather than the standard product price.

I was hoping to use the v2/product endpoint to retrieve this information, in addition to all the other product information, so that the customer-specific prices can be stored in a lookup table on the EDI server. Unfortunately the v2/product endpoint does not currently include a collection of custom prices in its output, so we're not able to do this.

This means that the custom price table on the EDI server will need to be maintained manually, and in turn that means that problems could occur if a price were changed in DEAR but not in the EDI table. Ultimately our customer could have their invoices rejected by the supermarket because of incorrect prices.

If v2/product could return the custom prices for each product, then we can maintain the price table automatically and our customer will ultimately have fewer invoice rejections to deal with.

I would like to request that the DEAR Development Team adds this enhancement to the development plan.

An alternative approach might be to modify the POST v2/sale/order endpoint so that if a price is not specified, DEAR will determine the correct price based on the custom prices specified for each product. Arguably this would be a better solution as the custom prices would only need to be stored within DEAR.

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