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I am implementing WMS and scanners into my new warehouse.

There is no feature to add barcodes to specific BIN locations.

Therefore I have used a 3rd party to create a BARCODE which corresponds to a BIN name convention.

E.G - Created DEAR BIN (BIN001A) and then created a barcode so when scanned, it comes up with BIN001A on the transfer screen.

I have trialed the BIN TRANSFER function and have found some issues.

One feature I would like to see would be to view all items in the BIN location when scanned.

Currently you have to type or scan a product to get this information.

Incorporating this feature would remove the need for long distance scanners as you could scan a corresponding barcode on the lower racking.

It would also help with lower level issue resolution. Staff would be able to clearly see if there is another item left in the bin location, report it and investigate.

E.G - Member of staff scans the BIN location barcode to move a pallet of Paint. They can see there is a QTY 60 cans of paint in that location which is one pallet but there is also another pallet of QTY 40 rollers assigned to that location.

The member sees there is an issue, they report the information to management and it can be investigated.

This has been seen in other Inventory management software and could benefit in accountability, visibility and overall increase in efficiency.  

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2 people like this idea
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