Add product cost to StockTransferDetail template table so Stock Transfer PDF can serve as Commercial Invoice for international transfers

started a topic 8 months ago

 When moving stock across international borders, we have to show Customs a "Commercial Invoice" used as the basis for tax and duties.

Peer software (e.g. TradeGecko/QuickBooks Commerce) accommodates this reasonably well by allowing access to average cost, line and document totals on the Stock Transfer template. In Dear we have no access to product cost on the StockTransferDetail, and the template does not have line totals (of course), or document totals.
This feature request is to provide access to document cost fields on the Stock Transfer form, average cost would be acceptable in most cases. I request also a LineTotal field, and document totals similar to an invoice. For VAT/GST countries, tax is irrelevant for such a document so it can be ignored.

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