Make DEAR a proper cloud system - need to log in to multiple machines at once (without constant 2FA)

started a topic almost 3 years ago

We have a user here who needs to be able to log in on her main PC and a second PC in our packing room at the same time.

Currently DEAR kicks her out of one browser when using the other. This means and endless process of re-logging in, several times a day.  And with the 2FA requirements, and DEARs woeful performance, this can take up to a minute each time to actually do.

This is ridiculous behaviour in something that describes itself as a modern cloud app. We use other cloud services very extensively (Freshdesk, Office, and many many more) – and none of these other systems have this requirement.

Please make it possible to login to two machines at once using the one account. 

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1 person likes this idea
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