CRM Opportunity Template Field Codes

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Opportunity template should include the same set of field codes as sales. At the moment, Reference, Currency field codes are not available. The file name should include the opportunity number. Please include these. thank you

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  • My company is just about to implement DEAR's CRM Opportunity system and discovered the same shortcoming.  No REFERENCE field.  Please add it.

    When an Opportunity gets converted to a Sale this Reference field should go across too. This clearly makes sense.

    (In my opinion this type of request is not something that should be at the mercy of a uservoice process. It is clearly an oversight and a should simply be fixed. In my opinion you should be separating your requests into two categories; requests and fixes.)

  • I agree ! Field codes should be the same as in Sales. 

    Like ProductImage that is not in Opportunity, makes our template look different in CRM than in Sales.

    This should not be very complicated to implement as the codes basically already exists in Sales.


  • Totally agree, it needs the same fields as sales. I cannot present a proposal to a potential customer without even being able to show them a product image. This makes CRM Module useless for me at the moment. As said, all fields already exist and are in use in sales module. This should not be difficult at all to implement. 

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4 people like this idea
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