Part Invoicing Products and Additional Charges and Services

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We used Advanced Sales Orders to create quotes with both products and consultancy or other services on them. However, we have part invoiced the products only, leaving the Additional Charges and Services to be invoiced at a later date once the work is complete, and have discovered there is no way to invoice the remaining value within the sales order.  There is also no way to run a report to identify what sales orders have been part invoiced.

I understand from your Support team that this feature is available if there was products still to invoice, but not if the products have been fully part invoiced but there are still "Additional Charges and Services" still to be invoiced.

To not have this function is business critical.  All items on a sales order, be they hardware or additional charges or services must be able to be invoiced in full, otherwise you should not offer the part invoice functionality.

What is extremely worrying is that as a business, and having used this function without being aware of it's limitations, your system now gives us no way to easily identify or locate what sales orders need still need to be invoiced, and when we do work it out for ourselves by viewing sales orders LINE BY LINE there is still no way to invoice within the sales order - we have to raise a separate sales order in order to do this.

This is a business critical issue for us and requires your urgent attention.

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