Adding Import Functionality to the Assembly Pick Screen

started a topic over 2 years ago

Currently the only way to quickly fill out the assembly pick list is with auto-pick, which chooses the oldest component (FIFO). We do not actually do our assemblies FIFO as we are making a food product and the different ingredient batches can have slightly different taste. For each assembly run, the R&D team finalizes the approved batch codes based on taste standards. 

Currently the fastest way to fill out the pick list is the Auto-Pick then manually check each batch code to verify it is the correct one. Often times the oldest one, or it splits into the two oldest ones, which are not necessarily the batches we want to use.  It would be much easier for us to be able to upload the sku/batch code/quantities into the pick list. There are many other parts of DEAR where lists like this can be implemented, so I'm hoping this may be an easy addition. 

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