Create a list of new products entered for specified date range

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Would love to be able to print off a report of newly entered products (for a specified date range) so that this list can be used to complete website optimizations.

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  • Not sure if you can run a report as such, however you can set up a Notification for newly created products, which we use - works quite well:

    Settings > Automation

    Notifications > Stock

    Choose 'New Salable SKU'

    Use the notifications to set up a scheduled email notification containing a list of newly created SKUs. 

  • Thank you Daniel.  

  • Hi,

    I like the Feature Request... I would be great to have the date created when Exporting the Product List. We could have an option to show it by clicking on the cog wheel and select it when needed on screen but it would be always available when exporting.




  • @Daniel Millott - thanks but we don't have the Automation module so this will not work for us.

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4 people like this idea
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