Managing Indent Orders and Pre Orders

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We are a Clothing and Gifts wholesale, retailer and online store and we are just wanting to be able to see some more information in the reports section so that we can track these pre order sales easier.

Every season we are selling a collection several months in advance. To do this without effecting our online business, we need to unallocate the stock for these orders. So that we know how much stock has been Pre Sold or Indented, we use the pending sales report which shows how much of each product is in these pending orders. 

However, this report doesn't allow you to view the on order quantities and on hand quantities of each product. We would love to be able to sell in advance and leave stock unallocated but see a report that shows all Unallocated Stock Levels with On Hand and On Order Quantities. 

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4 people like this idea
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