Back-ordering of SKUs with unidentified vendors

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Hi Team,

I bumped into a situation when I had to manually and scrupulously check SKU by SKU to find the ones, which I am running short of, but which did not pop up at back-ordering.

As it turned out, back-ordering functionality completely ignores SKUs with unidentified vendors in a product card. However, this is not an abnormal or rare situation, when you are developing a new BOM and have not placed an order yet for this or that SKU.


What would you say about the idea of warning a user about such SKUs (or grouping them under “Unidentified vendor”)? It would save a lot of time and energy to, I believe, many users who are phasing through numerous stages of product development. 

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  • Hello!

    By design, if a product does not have a supplier defined, the backorder will not work. A list of products missing a supplier is actually shown in the reorder backorder page.

    Sample image:

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