Amazon Integration - Shipping Details

started a topic over 2 years ago

As an Amazon seller which ships orders rather than utilises FBA (it doesn't suit our broad product range nor manufacturing process) we have integrations to both a shipping service (ShipTheory) and to Amazon. I don't know if it is a new feature at Amazon or the result of our ability to qualify for Seller-Fulfilled Prime being tested, but either way Amazon expects 3 separate pieces of information to be supplied when the Dear 'Ship' is authorised 1) the shipping date, 2) any tracking ID and 3) the Delivery Service used (Amazon has a list of services it recognises, I believe) - the current Dear API-call pushes 1) and 2) to Amazon and it would be really helpful if mapping could be added to the integration-config so that the Dear Carrier can be mapped to both the Amazon Carrier and Amazon Delivery Service and 3) then pushed to Amazon in the API-call.

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