Fully support location-based tracking category mapping everywhere in Dear

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Dear is addressing the manufacturing vertical. But one of Dear's most powerful features is not supported in Assembly or Production: mapping to Xero tracking categories.

 Xero supports more complex organisations via a two and three dimensional chart of accounts via tracking categories. For instance, one tracking category can be used for 'profit centre' or division. By far the most common model I encounter maps a Dear Location to a profit centre, for instance per state. The Location is used in all stock transactions, of course: Stock Adjustments, shipments, receipts, Assembly and Production. It is most important to capture P&L transactions: shipments (COGS), production (overheads and other service items, non-inventory items), stock adjustments (which when using the API is a general integration tool, it's not just for actual stock adjustments). But only shipments are supported.

This makes the tracking category mapping feature pretty useless for companies which want to use manufacturing, which is bit of a problem when you are positioning Dear to the manufacturing vertical!

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4 people like this idea
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