Shopify Integration - Local Pickup's don't integrate correctly from DEAR back to shopify when order is fulfilled

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We are using Shopify as our Ecommerce platform, we have the option of Local Pickup. In Shopify, we have created a location called 'Local Pickup'. This maps to our DEAR location 'main warehouse' so that our stick updated correctly. When an order comes in through Shopify as Local Pickup it integrates into DEAR as 'Shipping: Local Pickup'. When we process the Sales Order in DEAR to Completed, it Integrates back to Shopify to mark the order as Fulfilled and automatically sends an Shipping Confirmation Email to the customer. When really it needs to tell them the order is ready for Pickup.

Is it possible to have an if statement to not send the shipping confirmation email if the order shipping is set to local pickup?

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2 people like this idea
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