Option of Amending Sales Price Tiers in Purchase Orders (tooltip)

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Hi DEAR Team,

When receiving items at PO stage, for the pharmaceutical world its normal to have the cost prices as well as the selling prices being changed. I understand that we can hover on the item in the PO and we will be able to check the selling prices in the Products' Screen but if there is an invoice of over a hundred items, the process to check each item by opening the stock card is too time consuming!

The solution here would be to have the option of showing any of the Sale Price Tiers whilst having the option to amend these directly from the Order tab of the PO by clicking on the cog wheel and having the ability to show which sale price tiers we want see.

I've attached the image of the PO's cog wheel where it would be ideal to have the option to show the price tiers.

Thank you for your consideration.

Best Regards,
Luke Bilocca

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  • Great point here ... This is very applicable to retailers who would have to change RP when supplier changes the respective RP and this is communicated through the Supplier Invoice.

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4 people like this idea
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