Create Setting so Auto-assemblies can be set to "work in progress" or another stage - not set to complete

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We are a real world food manufacture. When an Auto Assembly is created, staff physically do this assembly. The actually do assemble the product and apply the batch and BB info onto the product. 

Auto-Assemble is great but as it is set to complete by default staff do not know which assemblies are actually complete and with are incomplete Auto assemblies. 

Please allow some way for staff to distinguish which assembles are actually complete and which are incomplete Auto-assemblies. 

I have run through our work process with support staff and external Dear partner. None can suggest a way to distinguish. We have tried putting a note or code in the comment field but we can not sort by this field so there is no way to easily find or filter the Auto-assemblies that still been to be completed. 

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  • I followed this up with support trying to find a work around. I attach the comment here. There appears to be no work around which makes to this very critical. 

    Re: [#205247] Working with assemblies 
    Thank you for contacting Dear support.

    Unfortunately, as per the current configuration if you are using auto assembly it is not possible to indicate which batch was actually assembled in the system and which batch is yet to be assembled actually as all of the orders are showing as completed.

    As a workaround, I would like to suggest you to use the manual assembly option so you will be able to set the assembly as completed only when the assembly is actually completed by the staff.

    Have a good day and stay safe!

    Best regards,
    Pat Lakshitha | DEAR Systems Support

    My Reply was:

    Unfortunately this workaround has been suggested before BUT it is critical for our business and our online store, Amazon and B2B portal that we know the availability of the sizes we sell. This requires Auto Assemblies. 

    I would love to be able to manually assemble and for the Auto Assembly to only advise of the availability of the finished product not to actually create the assemblies. 

    I can see three things that could make this all work well;
    1. Create as setting to allow Auto Assemblies to be set to status other than complete until the staff actually physically complete the assembly.
    2. Filter on the comments column add a bulk action to delete un-needed Auto assemblies. 
    3. Allow a setting to select the stage of the assembly at which the auto assembly is generated (this would allow a manual assembly to be created at the pick stage if wanted. 

    A combination of both 1 and 3 above is the idea solution. 

    My question is there an alternative workaround that does not invoice turning off auto-assemblies due to their importance for Availability calculations? This has become a critical use that causes massive errors of not manually monitored constantly. 

    This is our biggest difficulty in Dear. It causes a massive nightmare to our staff as they have to manually search and manage. But as there is no way to find auto assemblies that were auto created but not actually physically created we are having constant stock quantity errors as so many are being missed. 

    I hope this can be of some assistance. 
  • Brett - I completely agree with you. I created a nearly identical request. great minds! Based on some of your recent posts it sounds like we have some similar challenges. Good to know it’s not just me. Sadly my idea did not get any likes which I found surprising - though perhaps unsurprising since searching through Dear requests and filtering is really not very easy to do or practically possible. Please see here:
  • Hello!

    Please note that the assembly function is a very basic one. What you are requesting is supported in the production module. Please check the below link for more information on this.

  • Hi Yohan

    We do 20 to 80 assemblies each day for basic assemblies of basic products which is what I expect assemblies are designed for. 

    We already use production modules very heavily for more complex productions but they take a lot more time to complete so they are not really a viable options for basic assemblies. 

    Please note we are loving Dear. This issue of the assemblies is a massive issue for us. It makes Dear almost unworkable for us. Yesterday we had to do another full stock take that takes a full day to complete. This is cause by auto-assemblies and the fact that my staff have no ideas which assemblies are actually completed in real life and which are only completed virtually. 

    After 6 month of using the system my staff are coming to despise Dear because to the nightmare situation it is causing. 

    NOTE We would 100% prefer that Auto-Assemblies were not generated on order authorisation. We do not want them to generate at all!!! The only reason we have them turned up is because it is critical for us to know Availability possible of the different sizes of product given the raw materials we have in stock. 

    Ideally we want the product availability feature to work and the creating of assembles to be autonomous. 

    I have worked very hard to get Dear running and we are finding it to be great, but this issue is a deal breaker and is damaging my staff moral. We critically need to find a viable solution. 

    Is there any way that someone in development or features or someone who really knows the system can PLEASE speak to me at some time +61 404193864. 

    There most be some solution or work around to this critical issue. It seems very basic and I can see some not complex solutions. We need to way through this issue. 

    PLEASE can someone take this issue seriously and take a moment to consider how a company functions in the real world. The ideas are great but it is not working for us in the real world. 

    Please Help as this is becoming a serious deal breaker. 



  • Hi Brett,

    Thank you for your feedback. I will pass this on to the team.

  • Hi Yohan / Bret - I’m unable to see my own replies above where I believe I voiced support for this idea, but I had a substantially similar request that I wanted you to be aware of which I hope can be taken into consideration as well or merged with this one:
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