Change or Add Products in a Sales at the Pick Stage (without undoing the order)

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It is critical to be able change what is picked during the order fulfilment process without undoing the order totally to unauthorised order. This is very much a real world requirement. 

Most simple example;

A customer makes an order or many products. Customer orders a particular size of a product but during the picking it is unavailable in the ordered size. We advise the customer and they ask us to swap for a different size of the same product or to swap it out for an alternative product. 

Say they order 1 x 5kg Rice. We do not have this available so we supply 5 x 1kg  Rice. 

This is a very common exercise. 

We can not undo the order and change at order stage as Auto Assemblies are created when the order is approved. And these Assemblies have been created with the batch and expired dates data printed onto the complete products for this order. 

I have been using Dear for 6 months. Dear is great in a perfect world but PLEASE Dear Developers, we work in the real world where people make mistakes or need to make changes. Please add features to Dear that allow users to make changes with a lot less effort like in this this suggestion. 

NOTE: there is a way in advanced Purchases to do this during the purchase process. I discovered you can receive a different product without undoing the entire purchase. 

PLEASE implement the same or another method in Sales. 

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  • All I can say is yes, yes, yes! As a food manufacturer that has many auto assemblies, this is a must.

  • Agree. This is a very real world scenario, especially for a retail apparel business like ours.

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