Reorder quantities to show in "ToolTip" box on purchase orders (box that appears when hovering over products on PO)

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Hi guys, we are a manufacturing company meaning we are often creating large orders to suppliers. 

One issue we have when putting in large orders, we are having to go into each product individually to find our reorder amounts for each product, this can sometimes take a while with large orders and would be much easier and quicker if the reorder quantity was in the black box that appears when hovering over products in a purchase order.

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  • Yes, please can we get some consistancy on the summary hover?

    I just had to set up and modify a large amounts of Alternative Unit of Measures (AUoM) and it would have been a lot easier to click through to the product instead of going to find the new product each time.

    Also, as Jessica has suggested, in the re-ordering screen, it would be able to tell users how many AUoM boxes are avaialble and you could modify the order as required.

    Please find attached images showing the pop-up summary, and in places without the pop-up. Having this consistant across the board would help with usability/efficiency.

    (43.9 KB)
    (55.6 KB)
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