Import fulfillment data from Shopify improvements

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The new import fulfillment data from Shopify functionality is great for being able to leverage couriers and/or 3PL's native integrations between their platforms and Shopify (where a native integration with DEAR isn't available) to facilitate automatic creation/fulfillment of orders.

However, we are running into some issues based on some limitations with the new functionality:

  1. Authorisation of pick & pack stages in DEAR cannot be used in conjunction with loading fulfillment data from Shopify. We would like to authorise pick & pack stages to utilise these templates for fulfilment of goods from our warehouse. Then our courier bookings are placed in courier's platform and sync back to Shopify. However, as the pick stage has already been authorised in DEAR, the ship stage cannot be automatically authorised through loading fulfilment data from Shopify. We recommend this is updated so that when loading fulfilment data from Shopify, DEAR checks each fulfilment stage (pick/pack/ship) and authorises any remaining stages rather than erroring - so in our case, pick and pack would be manually authorised in DEAR and then ship stage would be automatically authorised through loading data from Shopify.
  2. Auto-assembly is only triggered when the fulfillment order is imported from Shopify ie. goods dispatched. Following the above use case where pick and pack are generated in DEAR for fulfilment management, these orders get stuck on backorder (as products are only kitted when ordered). Recommended functionality is the option to change auto-kitting to trigger at 1) order capture OR 2) order fulfilment


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2 people like this idea
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