Ability to add alias / alternative SKUs to a product in DEAR

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Use Case: Businesses that set up one specific product with multiple SKU variations in a platform like Shopify or Amazon.

Currently, you can map a DEAR SKU to a single Amazon product (for example) with a different SKU, but that's the extent of flexibility with SKU mapping. Other platforms like Shipstation and SKUvault have more flexibility in the recognition of one product going by several different SKUs in the ecommerce and marketplace channels.

For an example of the feature, see the Shipstation product alias article:   

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  • There are sever other feature requests for similar things but they are hard to find since there is no search feature here.

    We are constantly fighting DEAR because it won't match on multiple identifiers and keeps creating bogus products when it syncs with our other platforms. DEAR does have a barcode field. At a minimum, it would help a lot if it would consider both the SKU and barcode fields when syncing products with integrations.

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2 people like this idea
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