Co-Manufacturing - Ability to have multiple finished goods with varying output counts

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The co-manufacturing module is great especially around the generation of stock transfers, raising PO's and completion part.

However,  our clients raise purchase orders for co-manufacturing, an order contain many finished goods, each with varying quantities and bill of materials.       

I am unable to do this with the current functionality.  What I tried, which didn't work very well, was to create one production BOM on one of the finished goods and added an operation each for each finished good containing the required components.    What I am unable to do was to have varying quantities for the FG output.   DEAR keeps lining it back up to quantity on the header of  the production run.  Plus, the user also ends up needing to calculate manually the quantities needed.  

I had raised support tickets to understand if I was doing this wrong. I was advised that DEAR can not support this at the moment and will need to raise a feature request

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