Sales Order 'Required By Date' and 'Customer Reference' displayed on the 'Allocated Details' screen

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When trying to prioritise stock on backorder items, in particular when there are many backorders with varying due dates for  a stock item, it would be good to see the 'Required by date' and 'Customer Reference' on the Allocated Details screen so stock can be prioritised for ordering/dispatching based on due dates. Right now we have to open up every sales order to see the 'Required by date' and 'customer reference', which can be a very long cumbersome process. Some of our backorders may not require fulfilment for 1 month to 12 months in some cases , where our order frequency can be 1 week for some suppliers. So we would normally only order with enough lead time to meet the required by date not months in advance. Similarly, provision for the on hand stock to be allocated to orders that actually require the stock at any point in time.  

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  • YES!!!! 

    If we could see the ship by date and the reference on this screen it would make life so much easier!! OTherwise we have to click into each order to find out when it is likely to be going! 

  • Yes we are finding this to be a huge obstacle and time-waster for us as well. Crazy that you cannot see Sales Order Ref on the Allocated Details screen.

  • Yes we really need this added too - it is so time wasting going into every order!!!

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5 people like this idea
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