SKU Grouping (NOT assembly)

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I'm posting this as a feature request because work arounds don't work.  So we are a distributor.  When a particular SKU is ordered, 2 separate items need to ship.  One of these items has a serial number, the other doesn't.  We need to create an order with how people will order from us as the single unit but there are 2 different boxes shipped with the parts required.  These are different SKU's and can get separated at any point up until they are actually assembled by the end customer.  Assembly is a wrong way to deal with this because it isn't assembled by us.  We would certainly like to have the option to do the assembly because it could happen but for our 98% of the time, they are shipped as a group and we need to have the separate line items appear on the packing list with one of the items having a serial number that can be changed by us if it has easier accessibility to pick.

I'm actually surprised nobody has required this or maybe people are just used to work arounds.  But I have bought furniture from places that have multiple boxes and need to be shown on a packing slip so nothing is missed.  This is not assembly.

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  • Hi Ian,

    Even though the term used in DEAR assembly or finished goods, this can be used for bundles as well. 

    There is no other way to handle this.

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