Order Assembly Automation option to allocate pause at IN PROGRESS and not COMPLETE - User Interface to easily complete assembly

started a topic about 3 years ago

Right now, when an an order is created directly in dear or imported from shopify (I suspect this is true for any integration platform) for an item that requires an assembly, Dear will create and complete an assembly. But this has the potential to create a divergence between the real world and what Dear says has happened. If an assembly actually needs to occur in the real world, then having dear go all the way to the end as a "completed" assembly means I cannot differentiate between orders for which I had stock and orders that I actually need to make an assembly. I believe a simple fix here would be that when an order is authorized, a Finished Goods assembly is created, as it is today, and that the BOM stock associated with that Finished Goods assembly be allocated to the order from which it was created, But that it stop one step short of what happens today. This would then give us the ability to actually mark that assembly as created. This workflow of a "parked" or in progress assembly comes standard with every other major inventory platform including Unleashed, as well as some newer ones like Katana. 

Which comes to the second point on user interface to manage assemblies. There are a lot of clicks to do this. Every other inventory system I've tested has a significantly simpler method of completing an assembly. It is usually in a production module where each assembly is on a simple page with a simple drop down or button on that simple page to mark it as complete - thereby allowing the order to proceed. Dear, however, requires the user to go into the assembly and navigate to another tab and then click "Complete." The Dear workflow just seems a bit over engineered compared to other systems which recognise the same level of complexity, but through a single click or two clicks. As opposed to the 5-6 clicks DEAR requires - which we all appreciate can add up! (i.e., other systems auto add the BOM whereas dear requires that you click "Load BOM." - several steps required in DEAR are consolidated by other systems where separating those steps does not seem to add any value). 

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