Setting to Not Allow Sale to Continue if Serial Number Does Not Exist

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Hi DEAR Support Team,

Is there a possibility of having a setting for the POS to not allow a Sale of a "Serialised Item" if the serial number entered does not exist?

Currently, a message does pop up stating "Serial Number Not Found Do you want to add item to check out?" but this tends to be ignored for whatever reason.

Thanks in Advance

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  • Further to what the gentleman above wrote, the POS should not allow adding serial numbers that do not exist.  If you simply add a serial number from the POS, the sale remains unfulfilled in Dear.

    The POS itself prompts you when the serial number is not found, and asks you if you want to add it.  In my opinion this should be more of a warning than an encouragement to press the "ADD" button.  This pop-up should be in red, so the user automatically realizes something is wrong.  The "ADD" button should not be highlighted but should be faded out, while the "CANCEL" button should be highlighted instead.

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1 person likes this idea
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