POS Customer & Gift Voucher Improvements

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Hi, we're considering using DEAR point-of-sale but there are currently a few limitations with how the POS works with customers that are very un-friendly for a retail user.

1. No duplicate customer names: when you collect thousands of customers you will eventually encounter someone with the same name. The POS should be able to handle customers with the same name (other fields will indicate their differentiation from each other, ie. email, postcode, phone number).

Our existing workaround is to use the customers name followed by "/ DDMMYY", so my record today for example would be "Dan Payne / 250321"

2. Address fields without all details: when creating a new customer you cannot collect just the customers postcode, state or suburb without being asked for something in their Address Line 1. Not many customers want to give you their entire address. Our only workaround here is to not ask for any address identifiers unless the customer plans to give us their entire address.

3. No customer attribute fields: you can't edit or amend any of the customer attribute fields attached to a customer record. We'd love to be able to use our "Subscribed" checkbox to then export customers and add them to our mailing lists.

4. Gift vouchers: there's no "Generate" button to generate a code! This exists in the backend ERP functionality so why not in POS? Our workaround for this is to have our carded vouchers printed with a unique identifier that can be typed in to be loaded, but this requires specialist printing. We don't use barcode scanners in-store for our products so our requirements are a bit unusual/unique here but replicating the functionality from the ERP would assist.


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  • Having used the Dear POS for almost a year. The customer name issue has been particularly annoying ... Right now we put in customer last name with their phone no as their name to avoid this. But doing so still it’s very easy to get duplicated customer names and Dear is not able to identify duplicated contacts / phone numbers.
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4 people like this idea
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