Creating quote with multiple quote options.

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We would like to have multiple options in the same sale quote window rather than creating multiple quotes for the same customer.

So we will be able to add multiple quote options on the same quote window and the customer will be able to select one of the options according to his preference and then the we proceed ahead with the option.

Refer to the example image below

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  • This would be helpful for us as well. 

    More specifically, adding a Quote revision would be ideal. That would allow us to create and send a quote, then revise it based on feedback before sending the revised quote to the customer for review. Very similar to how BOMs are revisioned. 

  • Yes it would be helpful to have quote options identifiable as ie:

    Quote item (A) $0.00

    Quote item (B) $0.00

    Quote item (C) $0.00

    Then the customer can approve one of the items (A, B or C), which then converts to the sales order and invoice.

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5 people like this idea
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