Time-based Product attribute (Perishable Goods)

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Please consider adding a feature that would allow users to track that state of a Product with respect to time. Storage of some types of Products are sensitive to time. If able to report on this Product attribute, users could track the condition of items that grow over time or deteriorate, either at a constant or exponential rate. Please consider integrating this into the automation module, to trigger alerts or actions (Purchase Order, Assembly Order, Production Orders, Stock Adjustment or Inventory Write-off) once the time-based attribute reaches a specified level. 

This is different than an expiration date, where Product fully expires at a set time. A Product can degrade until it is unsalvageable, or expired. Degraded Products could require maintenance, disposal or warrant a price reduction and be sold at a discounted price.

This could apply to the degrading nature of battery charge levels, food freshness, pharmaceutical products and chemicals, seasonal clothing or flowers. 

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