Option to 'Do Not Process FBM Orders'

started a topic almost 3 years ago

In the Amazon Integration, we request that the option to 'Do Not Process FBM Orders' be made available in the Location For Merchant Fulfilled Orders drop-down menu.  This option is currently available for Location for Amazon Fulfilled Orders but not for Location For Merchant Fulfilled Orders.  In our specific case, all orders that require pick and pack by our fulfillment center (including FBM orders) flow through our Shopify store first to meet the needs of our fulfillment center.  If we use the Amazon Integration with DEAR, FBA orders will flow correctly through DEAR, reducing inventory, but FBM orders will be duplicated in DEAR:  One created by the Amazon Integration with DEAR and one created by the Shopify integration with DEAR.  An option to 'Do Not Process FBM Orders' would solve this issue for us.  Thank you for your consideration.

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