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We are looking for a way of doing a quick stock check whilst in the warehouse. 

We have stock in multiple locations (backstock, main stock, retail store) and when in the warehouse we would like a way of quickly checking the stock availability, by batch number (which tells us the product expiry for our food items) to ensure correct stock rotation is being maintained. Ideally this could be done by scanning the barcode rather than typing in the SKU.


In WMS there is no stock availability, you have to start a stock take, enter a few fields and then void the stock take, so is too time consuming

Ideally there would be a page, similar to the Product Availability on the web version, but within the app interface and with use of the scanner to look-up a product.


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  • Ideally, should have the sock availability and the bin details. 

    These are mandatory tasks for a warehouse manager. Finding a location for a product, checking the availability and i dont see a way to do this wms. 

  • We have 5 WMS users & we desperately need the ability to search Bin location & stock availability using the WMS app on scanners

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6 people like this idea
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