Reorder suggestions based on stock for x amount of time rather than fixed amount.

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It would be very useful if there was a way to link reorder quantity for a product to time needs rather than a fixed quantity. So currently at the moment, in the inventory velocity report, if the days til stock out is less than the safety time then it will recommend you reorder the fixed reorder quantity. But this relies  on us manually entering reorder quantities for each products and regularly updating these to reflect changes in sales. As the system has the sales velocity data, it should be be possible for the system to recommend a reorder amount based on having stock for x amount of time. For example product x has a velocity of 10 a day,, 100 in stock and a safety time of 15 days, so it would recommend to reorder, but instead of just providing the set reorder quantity I could select that we want 180 days of stock so the reorder quantity would be 1800 minus current and on order stock (as long as MOQs are met etc.) This would provide a more flexible and adaptable reordering and forecasting system, especially for growing companies. An even more advanced improvement would be if the system could identify trend lines and take into account growth in reorder recommendations.

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