Flag Expiry Date if it's less than a specified amount of time

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When scanning in Goods Received it would be really helpful to get an error if the goods received have an Expiry date that is less than a specified amount of time.   Eg. We can only accept goods that have a shelf life of no less than 9 months.    So if anything comes in that has a shelf life of anything less than 9 months it brings up a warning window on the device.

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  • Great idea. This would be very beneficial for our business as well.

  • Agreed.  Great idea.  I have client food businesses who have a similar requirement for the reverse role, as a supplier to customers.  Some customers (as noted in this feature request) require a minimum shelf life, so there is a need for being able to specify a minimum shelf life by customer and not allow the Pick of any items with less than that shelf life.  In particular, this is very common for food products supplied to grocery stores. 

    I have added the following, corresponding Feature Request here:

    Specify a product minimum shelf life for sale orders - by Customer and/or by Product



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3 people like this idea
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