IQC (Inspection) Module

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DEAR would be significantly more useful in Production planning if we had a module to process products through Incoming Quality Control. Once a part is received, it needs to be inspected before being either released into production stock (passed IQC) or processed through an RMA module for rework by us or the vendor (failed IQC). 

Currently, we have to make separate products for uninspected parts and an inspected version. The inspected product has a Production BOM that includes the uninspected product as a component and labor. This effectively doubles our Product count and requires a significant amount of additional product management. 

The IQC module should help route products based on IQC results. IQC results should be recorded once the part is inspected. All products in our "IQC" location should be able to be routed through the IQC module. It would be ideal if additional products were not necessary to track the state of our products. If a field could be toggled (i.e. uninspected, failed IQC - internal rework, failed IQC - return to Supplier, passed IQC) based on inspection results. 

Please consider adding an IQC module to better accommodate the inspection of incoming goods. 

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  • Is this in discussion to be on the road map or outside DEAR's intended features?

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2 people like this idea
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