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I want to share an email between my self and Ian from Dear Support:

Hi Stefano,


Hope you are keeping well.


With regards to the logic behind Non-inventory items and how they should be used, you can follow the guidelines given below.


Non-inventory products are allowed to be purchased or sold without checking for their availability in stock (That's correct until the customer want to order more ... ) Since these products do not affect inventory, they cannot be reordered, backordered, restocked, or unstocked. Wrong for me.


Reorder ... customer re-order same items many times even if a special item - 

Backordered .... beacuse I'm ordering specifically for a customer, it's an immediate backorder,


Examples of non-inventory items include:

items purchased for a specific job and then quickly sold or invoiced to a customer - From the time I receive the stock and I send the stock to the customer .... it reflect my inventory level. For me a Non-Inventory item should reflect the inventory level. If it's a service code ... no problem with the inventory.
items that your organisation sells but does not purchase, including Bill of Material (BOM) items BOM items can reflect my inventory. As soon as are ready ... the value of my inventory should be higher
items that your organisation purchases but does not resell, including office supplies. These products should go into the expenses account. Not inventory. Not necessary we need to create codes for "Stationery" 
items that your organisation purchases and resells but does not track in inventory. Like a service? There is a service as a type of item.


My point is: it's great to have Non-Inventory products.

The Non_inventory products are created for a specific job, or for a specific customer, or something where the drop-off system works great.

I buy when the physical product (not service) has been sold.

Sometimes the customer returns the Non-inventory item because it is not what he/she was expecting: this reflects my inventory level.

Sometimes the customer delays on receiving his Non_inventory order: this reflects my inventory level.

We should see the movement and the stock level of the Non_inventory codes 

We should run a report to see what is available in the Non Inventory codes.

Sometimes the Non inventory codes became a Stock items, because customers demands regularly

Stock codes: I want to keep in stock all the time. Goal is to have all the time with the right quantities. Reflect the DIFOT.Non Inventory codes: I might have stock. Goal is to have zero value. Not reflect the DIFOT.Service codes: no stackable. Not reflect the DIFOT.

I hope these points make my point of view.

Feel free to chat if you guys needs more info

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