Area based units of measure.

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Currently DEAR can only accommodate linear units of measure. For products that must be costed in two dimensions such as a roll of material which must be portioned in terms of length and width, DEAR can only accommodate the length of a roll on a given SKU in stocking an usage.

This seems like a significant gap in the features offered by the system, and would be most welcomed by the current user base.

Please see a worked example below:

Packaging film rolls are delivered in two separate sizes:

   1m width rolls of 25m length

   1.5m width rolls of 25m length

When a 2m length is cut from the 1m roll, and partially used in the width dimension, it is impossible to accurately update the system on the specific area of film used.

If a secondary unit of measure is added on a per SKU basis, the system can calculate and process cost in terms of area and give a much more accurate outcome in terms of usage, availability and costing.

Please consider implementing this as there are a number of industrial applications which would benefit from this feature.

Best regards!

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2 people like this idea
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