Product Availability - 'On Order' to include BOM components on purchase for auto-assembled products

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The Availability search is great how it includes results in the 'Available' column for auto-assembly products where the BOM components are in stock.

I would like to request that this logic is extended to the 'On Order' column whereby results are included for auto-assembly products where the BOM components are on Purchase. 

If a Product includes components that are purchased from different Suppliers, the 'Next Delivery' column could reference the 'Required by' date of the latest PO required in order to complete the components for the auto-assembly.

Unfortunately at the moment we have to workaround this by searching the availability of the individual components - clunky and inefficient

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  • Agreed.  This would be very useful.  

    The workaround of having the BOM on one screen while you manually search each part is incredible painful.

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