Ability to set customer tax code as the dominate tax code - fixes GST issue on international sales if product tax codes are being used.

started a topic about 3 years ago

This enhancement/fix will help businesses that have a mix of GST and GST free sales and a mix of domestic and international sales.

Some businesses have products that are GSTable and some that are GST Free and therefore the business needs to set the tax codes at the product level. 

In DEAR the product level taxes dominate the other 2 tax code settings (Customer and Account mapping).

If a domestic sale is processed it all works fine and the product GST rates default on the sale. All good.

BUT if its an international sale the DEAR user has to remember to manually change the tax codes on each product on that sale to have no GST.

Thats an issue because sometimes users forget and it flows through to the BAS and if its not picked up, the business loses 10% of the sale value.

The business cant use the tax codes on the account mapping becuase of the mix of GST and GST free products on offer.

This area of DEAR needs to be improved so that users dont have to manually correct taxes on certain sales. 

It would be really helpful if DEAR users could nominate when setting up international customers (or even better if DEAR could auto detect this and set this based on customer address) for the system to allow the account and tax codes of that customer to dominate.

This would address the issue of the user having to intervene and change the tax codes on sales that are international.

Its generally better to have the tax codes at the item level when there is a mix of GST and GST free items. Hence the need for the customer tax code to dominate for international sales.

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