Include additional items (specifically commodity codes) in shipping integrations (specifically Starshipit)

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Please could you include additional items (specifically commodity code) in shipping integrations (specifically Starshipit).  This would save so much time when shipping abroad.

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  • I only have experience of the ShipTheory integration, but improving the interface to include required export details supported by the ShipTheory API would help enormously ( The ShipTheory system automatically generates a 4" x 4" pdf of the required CN22 document using the fields in its API:

    Parameter                                     Required              Description

    1. sku                                                  Yes                      Your unique product SKU. Max 100 characters

    2. name                                              No                       Product name. Max 255 characters

    3. price                                               No                       Price of the product. Between 0 and 9999999.99

    4. weight                                            No                       Weight of the product in Kg. Between 0 and 9999999.99

    5. commodity_code                          No                       Commodity HS Tariff code. Max 100 characters

    6. commodity_description               No                       Commodity HS Tariff code. Max 100 characters

    7. commodity_manucountry           No                       Commodity country of manufacture. Max 100 characters

    8. commodity_composition             No                       Commodity composition. Max 100 characters

    It appears that the integration is currently only mapping a few of these fields and it would be hugely useful if the integration settings page offered the ability to map Dear Product property fields to these ShipTheory API fields (maybe the Product.AdditionalAttribute[x] fields?). Alternatively, four additional properties of each product which correspond to the API fields 5,6,7 & 8 would work.

    Typical values of the API fields are:

    5. 4201000090

    6. Dog Lead

    7. GB

    8. Polypropylene

    In my case, CN22 forms are required for all shipments from GB to any other country (including Northern Ireland) and I assume every other Dear-subscriber has the same requirement to generate a CN22 for shipments to any country other than their own. ShipTheory is the decision-maker as to whether a CN22 is required, based on the configuration of my account and the destination of the shipment, so in ShipTheory's case no decision 'CN22 Required Y/N' is required at the Dear Systems end.

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