Hyper link back orders

started a topic about 3 years ago

It should be possible to open orders from the back order screen. Right now i need two windows open, Back order + sales search to authorise orders once they arrive.

  • Hi Hamish,

    Please consider using the below reports.

    - Find sale backorder by purchase order report

    - Sale backorder details report

    - Sale backorder summary report 

  • - Sale backorder summary report - has broken links when you try select another page

    - Sale backorder details report - Has no ability to open sales order from this report

    - Find sale backorder by purchase order report - nothing populates in this report.


  • Hi Hamish,

    These reports are merely for reference only. You wont be able to open the related orders from here.

  • Right so that doesnt help me at all :/

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