Fix the filter sequence in PRODUCT NAME in SALES and PURCHASES or ADD SKU field into Sales and PURCHASE screens

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XERO does the correct order of filtering when you entity in the SKU.  See attached.  The only reason we have not just moved to Xero, is that DEAR offered the ability for customised fields in the SALES process.

Please FIX the primary/secondary (sequence of filtering) in PRODUCT NAME in the SALES and PURCHASE screens.  

Or ADD SKU field as an option, so we can enter products sold by entering their SKU and not search/enter by their Product name.

We have a product, for example, that has a SKU of "KY".  When we got to sell, it is down the bottom after all our HUSKY pumps we sell.  Even though we enter our Husky pumps by their SKU.

This makes for a VERY SLOW data entry and when we are doing SALES in the field, we are still having to do it on paper, as it is quick to write down than try to enter using the PRODUCT field, which is search on Product name first, then SKU second. 

This does not work for us and it is causing lots of mistake with data entry.  

  • Agree with this, and there are a few possible suggestions that could assist here. Long story short, the SKU can be typed exactly to match a product, but it shows down in the list and the order is product name alphabetical. I'd suggest the following options:

    • Allow an option in General Settings to 'Search Products By' with options for Name, SKU, or both (which is the current option)
    • Allow users a way to narrow the search in the product line of a sale (i.e. SKU:12ef in the example above) which will lock the search to this field

    Video explainer here as well of the above -

  • I totally agree My client says they are wasting a lot of time waging through letters that are in the middle of words rather than at the start. It’s a real problem.
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