How to fulfill a cancelled order once a credit note is issued?

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Hi there,

When a sale has been made and paid for but the customer cancels the order before the item arrives in stock, how do you then complete/fulfill the order after the credit note has been processed? I have refunded the order and balanced it as a credit note, but the item is still showing as allocated to the customer in availability. It won't let me close the order and I can't fulfill it because the item is unavailable. Any help on how to close this order would be greatly appreciated.



  • Hi!  

    I've found that if you convert the sale to an advanced sale, you have the option to mark it as fulfilled/closed without having to actually pick/pack/ship.  Hope that helps!

  • Hi Morgan, thanks so much for you response! I tried what you said, and now the product is showing in product availability as -1 allocated to this customer. Do you have any advice on what to do from here?

  • In the advanced sale. Select the drop down beside the sale number. Then select Mark As Fufilled or Closed. That will release the product availability

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