Sending batch number and expiry dates via DEAR to DEAR network

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We've got a client in the food industry with two DEAR subscriptions - one for the manufacturing entity and one for the retail entity.  These entities are linked via the DEAR to DEAR Network function.


We successfully sent an invoice from the manufacturing entity to the retail entity via the DEAR to DEAR network. 


The problem is that when we try to process the purchase order and receive the stock (i.e. stock with batch/serial number and/or expiry dates), the batch numbers and expiry dates don't automatically pull through from the manufacturing entity's invoice.  The receiving entity therefore has to manually populate all the expiry dates before they can receive the stock.  

It is worth noting that there is a function to auto-populate (or perhaps more accurately, randomly generate) the batch/serial numbers on the Stock Received tab, but in this case it would be better for stock traceability to mirror the batch numbers from the manufacturing entity.


Question: is it possible to automate the capturing of batch numbers and expiry dates on the receiving entity's DEAR account when invoiced via the DEAR to DEAR network?  This information has been captured at manufacturing level, so we want to eliminate this manual step.

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2 people like this idea
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